Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Come Again?

Why can't the confining upgrade grade the disorder?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

love + time = happy nanay

Mothers Day is fast approaching. The best gift that we can give to our mothers is our time and love. I would love to go home and be with my mother on Mother's Day but I couldn't since my son is still a baby and it wouldn't be healthy for a 3 month infant to have a long travel. I know my nanay can understand. I still can show my love and give her my time on that special day by making a phone call, talk to her, and let her hear the voice of her one and only grandchild - my son ceejay.

My Sissy's new Samsung pl20

My one and only sister called me up early this morning. She asked if I could accompany her for a while. She's planning to buy her very own digital camera. She wanted me to accompany her since she's not that techie. So I told her to see at Limketkai Mall since I am working near the said establishment. We went to different stores to canvass. She was looking for a cheaper camera with nice specs. After an hour, we decided to buy one. She chose the Samsung pl20. I can see in her face that she's so happy having bought her very own camera. I am so happy for her. It was a fulfillment in her part that she was able to buy a gift for herself, something that she once longed for.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hyperventilation Syndrome: There you go again

It's been three years since I suffered hyperventilation syndrome. That was during the time I was suffering from hypertension. I had difficulty in breathing. I had to breathe deeply as if I was running out of air. I always feel dizzy and always had a headache. So I decided to have my blood pressure check. I was so shocked when my BP's high. So I decided to see a cardiologist to be sure. I was diagnosed of having "Hypertension". Laboratory tests were conducted. I was not allowed to eat the foods I used to eat, foods that I always love to eat. I could only eat fish and vegetables. I was not allowed to eat oily foods; drink caffeinated drinks. I was not even allowed to drink chocolate drinks. I was still allowed to eat chocolates but only dark choco.  I really had a very healthy diet. Because of that, I was able to trim down excess/unwanted fats. I had a healthier and slimmer body. I no longer suffered from hyperventilation syndrome. Years passed and I was back to eating unhealthy foods. I was no longer careful with my diet. I was so confident because everytime I have my BP check, it was always normal. I was no longer hyperventilated. Not until today, just this morning, that I was having difficulty in breathing. I was hyperventilated. I know it's because of my diet which is no longer health. I then came to realize that I need to go back to my healthy diet. I need to be healthy because I have a baby to take care of. It's not just for my own benefit but for everyone I love: My family.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thank God that I'm back in writing , i really missed it. Life is getting tougher and challenging. It's another phase of my life where two become one. When we finally decide to be in one heart of my wife. Exciting in the sense that i am about to become a father this January 6,2012. It nice to be back :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

wElCoMe hOmE bRo

It is like a story of a prodigal son- at last he came back. The eldest of our family went home already. It was a stormy life experience that he had with his wife. They have four children but sad to say his wife didn't allow anyone of their children to go with him. We've been praying for him to go back home but he would still insist before, to stay at their house even he is alone and hoping that her wife will still go back to his loving arms. Days and months passed by but her wife never came back and even his children, and the sad reality is that her wife is already living with another married man.
I am praying that God will give him the strength that he needs because he often have sleepless nights and crying silently for the problems he encountered. He is back home right now and regaining his strength  to be courageous enough in facing his problem and hoping that someday by God's grace, his plans will be realized.

Wedding Ring

        It is a traditional way of saying that we are bonded with each other during the wedding ceremony. Time is fast approaching and can't stop it. My fiancee and I will face the big day of our lives. I had a dream that I shared with her. I dreamed about our wedding. It was really a great dream but the funny part of the dream was during the wearing of the wedding ring. When the minister asked me where is the rings, I realized that I forgot to bought it. It was a little bit funny at the same time a reminder for me to be mindful of the things needed specifically the ring. When i woke up, I told to my self that we really need to secure it first.We went to a jewelry shop and try to look for a design that would satisfy and fit in our fingers.
         Yes its true that we really need to invest on it since we are going to wear it for a lifetime. Finally we have found the design we want - simple yet elegant. A reminder of a dream is a ring which is for life. This is one of our accomplishments in our preparation for the wedding. Thank God that we have it already.